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About us

Our journey from humble beginnings in a 2 car garage in 1974 to becoming the premier heavy truck shop in Western and Central New York State.

The Beginnings

Everyday we have pushed to be the very best, most experienced and well-trained heavy vehicle shop. We do this while remembering that getting our customers back on the road as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. From dent repair to complete frame rail replacement on a ladder truck, we can do it all under one roof.

early 1970’s & 1974

Charles Galante and Michael Grisanti began in the construction industry in the early 1970’s in Grand Island, New York. As they could not afford to pay to have their trucks repaired, they were forced to make the repairs themselves. Charlie and Mike began to repair trucks for other construction companies in the area for some extra money and soon realized that there was a demand for these services.

In 1974, Charlie and Mike elected to get out of the construction business and start repairing heavy trucks full-time. They started in a two car garage in Grand Island, New York with five hundred dollars and an air compressor.

After hearing about an available shop in Kenmore from a friend, they picked up and moved to our present site at 750 Ontario Street in Tonawanda, New York.


As the company grew it quickly became apparent that more space was needed. The first addition was completed in 1981.


Very soon it was clear that the space was being outgrown and needing more room so a second addition was added in 1985.


Having been at the company since 1983, Kevin Brooks’ leadership skills and dedication did not go unnoticed. He was quickly promoted and became equity partner in 1988.


In 1995, as space was getting tight, we added onto our facility to better serve our expanding customer base.


In 2013 Kevin Brooks purchased the remaining portion of the business to become the sole owner.


In November 2020 we joined the Holmatro family, covering Central New York.

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